Kalaxya Institute of Performing Arts (KIPA)

At Kalaxya our goal (Lakshya) is to instill passion, admiration and respect for Indian classical Art (Kala) in the form of Kathak Dance in our current and future generations.

We are dedicated to the education and performance of classical Indian dance and the celebration of cultural diversity. With this in mind students of Kalaxya undergo intense training in Kathak through regular classes. They are trained in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject grooming them to be holistic artist. The focus is on understanding and mastering techniques of the ancient dance form and applying it to more current aspects of performing arts.

They also learn different forms of dance such as Bollywood and Folk dances of India including Garba, Bhangada, Lavni and many more.

We aim to have a multi-cultural approach to our teaching and presentations so that audiences of all backgrounds may experience and enjoy this rich classical dance form.

  • Learn Kathak
  • Learn Folk dances
  • Learn Bollywood dance
  • Fun with Fitness
  • Engage Mind and Body
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Mital Patel

Founder and Director, Mital Patel’s pursuit of sharing her love for Kathak and Indian dances has led her to establishing Kalaxya Institute of Performing Arts (KIPA). She has a vision to inspire young minds to the vibrant cultural heritage of Indian dance via Kathak.

Mital has obtained her Visharad with Distinction in Kathak from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. The complex and powerful footwork, multiple spins, and complicated compositions in different talas are a few of many specialties of Kathak dance that are embraced by Mital as a dancer of Jaipur gharana training under her guru Smt. Swari Sinha. She has also had the honor of learning via workshops by Pandir Birju Maharaj, Pandita Guru Maneesha Sathe and Guru Shambhavi Dandekar.

She also has Bachelor of Engineer degree from Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.

Mital started dancing at the young age of 7. She has showcased her extensive experience in teaching, performing and choreographing at many platforms in India, New Zealand and Atlanta, Georgia. She has also been sharing her expertise in the community by volunteering her skills at the BAPS organization over the past 20 years.

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